Feeling Run Down? Try These Natural Energy Boosters

Many people report feeling fatigued or overly tired. Modern life has become so hectic that most of us eat poorly or skimp on sleep. Additionally, stress and the pressures of our daily lives rob us of our energy, leaving us feeling burnt out. Many of us use coffee or highly caffeinated drinks as a quick fix to feeling tired. There are better and natural solutions to feeling run down. These are simple and quick energy boosts that also help reduce the effects of stress on our health.

Take a moment to breathe. Deep breathing can help give a boost of energy by oxygenating the blood. In yoga, there is a practice called "bellows breath" that gives a boost of energy. To do bellow's breath, take a deep breath. Now, breathe in and out in short breaths as quickly as possible using your diaphragm to move your breath in an out. Do this for about 10 seconds and then follow with 2-3 deep breaths in and out. Return to breathing normally. This exercise will give you a noticeable lift and you can do it anywhere.

Not getting enough sleep is probably the biggest thief of energy. The easiest way to fix that, of course, is to get enough quality sleep. However, that is often much easier said than done. Full schedules and worry can make it difficult to get quality sleep. A nap can sometimes help give us a lift when we're feeling tired or have not had enough sleep. Shorter naps are best, with naps under one hour being recommended. Napping too long allows the body to slip into the very deep stage of sleep. Waking from this stage of sleep can leave you feeling sleepy and worn out. If you must nap, keep it short. This way you'll wake up re-energized. Even napping is not always possible. In those cases, you may want to give meditation a try. In research studies, meditation had a similar affect on test subjects as napping. They felt more energized and alert after a brief period of meditation. Meditation also makes you less susceptible to stress and worry.

There are supplements that you can take to increase your energy. The best supplements are ones that are designed to support healthy blood sugar. That is because the sudden drop in energy that people feel is caused by a sudden decline in blood sugar. These supplements contain minerals like chromium that affect the body's ability to properly regulate blood sugar. Another important mineral for maintaining blood sugar and energy is magnesium. It works to control how the body use carbohydrates and as a result can affect blood sugar. Keeping your blood sugar in a healthy range also helps minimize the negative results of stress. Supplements that contain liquid minerals are the best kind as the liquid minerals are most easily utilized in the body.

Skip the coffee and energy drinks. When you need a pick-me-up, try focusing on your breath or take a break to meditate. Use a supplement that contains chromium and magnesium to support a steady blood sugar. These simple steps will increase your energy and decrease your reaction to stress.