Drinking your Money?s Worth

The recession we are in at present is a blessing. Wait, don?t curse me and stab me just yet. Please hear me out? Or read I might say. I bet you?re saying I?m crazy. Sorry to disappoint you but I am more than sane. Getting your money?s worth with what your drink could be correlated with the recession. It may sound far out. But don?t worry, I?ll explain more.

With ever red cent that I spend, I want it be worth it. And that includes the health drink of course. I?m definitely an advocate on having value for money. If a health drink claims to have vitamins and supplements, then I want to absorb them. But as some of you may know, a good 20% is only absorbed and the rest would go to certain waste.

Can you buy health if your health goes bad? Well I know I can?t. But if you can, please let me know how in the world you did because I?d pay top dollar to learn that. However, that?s just impossible. But what we can do is to invest early on when it comes to our health. That?s the reason behind why I take to consideration maximum absorption of supplements.

Health drink, as the name implies, should be outright safe and healthy. I was never a fan of additives, fillers and preservatives. That?s why we call it a health drink. There are ingredients in some beverages that contain words that are so hard to read and pronounce; in my opinion, they don?t have the right to be on a health drink. Otherwise, it won?t be a health drink.

I want to make a strong statement by saying that I do not want to drink preservatives. I want my healthy drink to be fresh and free from those hard to read ingredients. If at all possible, I?d like to drink it straight out of the conveyor belt. We are, however fortunate in this era because of constant research and development. Is there a beverage in existence that fits my description?

Then I found Yoli Blast Caps. At first, I have to admit, I was skeptical. It is something new. And for crying out loud, the name says ?Blast Cap.? Sounds like it is going to burst or whatnot. Then I realized that it got its name from the popping sound that it makes when you blast or should I say activate it before you drink it.

It has the traits and qualities that I have been looking for in a health drink. And a standout would definitely be its lack of preservatives and its all natural ingredients. How is this possible wherein a drink doesn?t use preservatives? That?s easy. The ingredients are installed in the cap and are kept in the cap until you activate them. This is definitely different from other conventional beverages.

It?s almost as if you?re getting the drink right off of the production area. It won?t matter if it?s been on the shelf. With Yoli Blast Caps, we absorb more. Now that?s value for money on your health drink. Cheers!