Do It Yourself: Shopping for Good Wheatgrass Seeds

Lots of people are now believers of the numerous health benefits found in a glass of wheatgrass juice. Since "do it yourself" is the popular course of action for many, people are opting to grow their own wheatgrass at home. But before you plant your own wheatgrass, there are a lot to know about wheatgrass seeds.

Before you even think about have your daily dose of wheatgrass juice, you should focus first on trying to find the best quality of wheatgrass seeds. The quality of your wheatgrass seeds should be on top of your list. Suppliers and sellers of wheatgrass seeds are fairly easy to find on the internet and they also offer different amounts of the seeds for you to buy.

Read the labels first before you start shopping for your supply of wheatgrass seeds. Many packages of wheatgrass seeds claim to be a hundred percent organic. If you see this, this means that the seeds have gone through processes and treatment that the USDA considers to be organic.

There also packages that say 'organic' but it's not a hundred percent because most of these non-100% seeds on the market are made with less than 95% organic ingredients. If you see a pack with a label that says 'made with organic ingredients' this means that it only consists of 70% organic ingredients. When the label says 'certified organic', the land where it was derived has been considered to be chemical free for at least a decade.

These things are very important especially if you want to give your family the best health benefits. You can buy wheatgrass seeds from health and gardening stores but it's better if you buy from health stores because the quality of the seeds are guaranteed. If the explanation about labels is still confusing, people at health stores will be able to explain it to you well.

Most people choose health stores when buying their supply of wheatgrass seeds. If you choose to buy from internet health shops, you are assured that they will ship your products properly and will make sure your seeds arrive to you at its best. In internet health stores, you have the option to buy your seeds in bulk and you can actually save more if you do so.

Before you start planting your wheatgrass seeds, make sure you soak them well in water. When you soak your seed, make sure you do it for around eight hours because too much water could ruin the future sprouts of your seed. While many people would prefer to put plant supplements and compost, you can also choose to not add anything to your budding seed.

The most important health benefits of wheatgrass is found in its chlorophyll content so make sure you expose your growing wheatgrass to sunlight indirectly and cover it partially so that it is well nourished while protected from molds that threaten to destroy your plant. Ten days is usually the typical growing time for your wheatgrass and once it reaches about seven inches, you can already harvest it and make your own wheatgrass juice. Also observe the greenness and height of your wheatgrass, if it looks good enough to drink, you may wash it so that you can quickly enjoy your glass of wheatgrass juice.