Colloidal Gold is an Ancient Super Food that has Been Rediscovered

Colloidal Gold is a super nutrient supplement that offers support for your body, mind and mood.

Most Reported Common Benefits Experienced:

Optimism and motivation increased

Feeling of well being magnified

The ability to focus, remember, and concentrate is stronger

Coping and releasing stress becomes easier

Deeper more rejuvenating sleep

Feeling energized and yet calm

Easier dream recollection

Supports your mood during the winter

Helps with addictive cravings

How was Gold Used as a Supplement in History?

For centuries, gold tonics have been sought for rejuvenation and over all well being.

For thousands of years, the Mayan culture revered gold and used this metal to make their eating utensils.

Could this be based on drinking glasses, plates, and bowls made from gold enabling microscopic amounts of gold to be absorbed by the human body?

Paracelsus a well known physician and forefather of Pharmacology was into the art of alchemy and created medicines made from gold and other metallic minerals.

Paracelsus had a reputation for curing patients who were considered to be beyond the help of the physicians of his time.

Is a Super Food Made from Metal Safe?

Yes, the most important nutrients for human metabolism are magnesium, iron, selenium, manganese, and zinc which are all metals.

Gold does not interfere with medications or other chemistries within your cells as it is a non-toxic noble element.

Allergies to gold are rare and this is why sensitive people are told to wear only gold jewelry.

Is the Best Gold Supplement Colloidal?

Yes, you must be able to ingest and absorb gold if it is to be of any value to your body.

Your cells can absorb colloidal forms of gold easily.

Smaller forms such as ionic supplements of gold are being pushed as a better form of gold because of its smaller size.

It is true that ionic forms of gold (Angstrom Gold for example) have an even smaller particle size than most colloids.

This doesn't necessarily make ionic a better form of gold to ingest.

At the cellular level, the ionic form of gold behaves more like a drug. It has had electrons removed and has been radically altered.

Ionic charged particles will seek out atoms in your cells that have a negative charge and bond with them.

Just like the rush you get from coffee, eventually this form of gold will cause an over sensitization of your nervous system.

Elements For Life has Pure Colloidal Gold!

Gold Rush is made in small batches with maximum commitment to the creation of an exceptional product that exceeds the expectations of even the most educated and discriminating element connoisseur.

Extremely small 1.2-3nm sized particles for near 100% bioavailability. Concentration is 10 ppm (parts per million) in pure distilled water.

Gold Rush is not an ionic gold supplement.

Real Colloidal Gold is light ruby pink and that is how you can tell it is of the highest quality.

Completely tasteless yet has a subtle sense of silky smoothness. This supplement needs no refrigeration.