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Course Performance Offer

How to Get A Free Membership Site

Web Ad Tutor course development plan includes opportunity for clients and subscribers to participate in testing for course improvement. In return for your inputs certain technical and creative services are available free of charge. Buyer Forecast, an introduction to web business research, is the current course being tested.

Some Limits Apply

Each test opportunity is limited to 5 sites in order to manage time for services that are not paid up front. Equal opportunity for applicants to participate is achieved by extending the offer to subsequent tests. Applicants who are not selected in the first round get first chance to participate in the next test cycle.

The test is not a race. Applicant selection is based on the quality of results produced from completing each step of the course. You can apply for a site after you have completed the first 4 steps of the Buyer Forecast course.

What’s the Catch?

All you have to do is do research and sell memberships to the niche you choose. You learn to discover what buyers want. You get to see how membership sites are set up and operate. You can earn money leveraging Web Ad Tutor technical and creative resources.

You control the money. Web Ad Tutor hosts, builds, maintains, develops and owns the site. Income from membership is split 50/50. You get a statement of member activity each month. You transfer 50% of membership revenue to Web Ad Tutor each month.

You can’t lose because you don’t have to assume any expenses. The least you get is inside information. The most you get is 50% of proceeds and no technical or creative headaches. Yes, there are other costs, but you do not have to pay anything unless you want to, and you will.

Why, because once a membership site is running, all there is left to do is advertise. Your competitive advantage is quite literally Web Ad Tutor advertising and website performance improvement agency. Working together, advertising campaigns are designed for the site you choose to promote. Web Ad Tutor will match your investment less expenses up to 25% of current monthly site revenue.

In other words, your ad budget gets doubled and your risk is cut in half. All you need to do is signup to find out how you can qualify.

The promotion ends without notice based on application volume. Next improvement promotion will not run until the application cue is cleared. All applicants get equal opportunity to participate.

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