Build Muscle With Deer Antler

For over two thousand years the Chinese have trusted in the miraculous effects of deer antler velvet as an anti aging supplement. Due to its molecular make up it is the most similar naturally occurring insulin growth factor, or IGF-1, to be found in nature. Human growth hormone is used to jump start the growth process, but it is insulin growth factor that fires the process of muscle growth.

IGF-1 stimulates the liver into producing and releasing human growth hormone into the body. It promotes tissue growth, cell regeneration, improves the transport of amino acids to the cells, improves mental clarity, digestion and more restful sleep. It also improves energy levels, endurance, organ health and blood sugar levels.

The velvet covering on a deers antlers before they become bony is packed with amino acids, proteins, minerals, hormones and an insulin-like equivalent that encourages growth. It has been proven to repair cell damage caused by free radicals.

Flawless, smooth skin, taut muscles, smooth muscle tone, strength, vitality and a strong sexual drive are all defined by youth but aging slows down the body functions. The production of human growth hormone is affected and we lose our youthful energy. We lose the youthful glow of smooth taut skin, muscles begin to sag, our libido lessens, our energy levels drop and we find that our bodies do not function as efficiently.

This degenerative process is evident in the wrinkled and sagging appearance of skin, a decrease in sexual drive, a loss of muscle tone, a decrease in strength and stamina and an increase in overall body fat. Bone loss and a decrease in bone density is often coupled with declining energy levels and lessened joint mobility.

Deer farming for the harvesting of antler velvet dates back as far as the sixteenth century. Its almost miraculous properties were first noted as far back as 100 A. D. When the product was mentioned in the Chinese Materia Medica, the Shennong Bencao Jing. It was used as a restorative tonic to improve libido, to enhance the memory, to boost muscle strength and to improve kidney function.

It contains amino acids which are essential in combating the negative effects of free radicals that break down cells in the body. Deer antler is used today to halt the signs of aging, including loss of muscle strength and other side effects and symptoms of the aging process. It also contains minerals like calcium which are essential in the functioning of a healthy nervous system and in maintaining strong bones.

Athletes use this product to improve performance and stamina. A study done at the Otago University Performance Centre tested the effects of deer antler on a group of male test subjects. Increased muscle growth, stamina and strength were noted along with a twenty four hour decrease in recovery time after exercise. Over twelve weeks their isokinetic strength and muscle endurance was measured against a placebo group. Dramatic differences were noted.

In New Zealand professional athletes have become aware of the miraculous properties contained in deer antler and triathletes like Hamish Carter swear by its beneficial effects. It is fast becoming a very popular supplement due to the fact that it decreases creatine kinase levels, resulting in less muscle damage during exercise.