Brain Functions Improve with Mental Health Supplements

Did you know that the brain weight is only 2% of the body weight but uses 20% of the oxygen we breathe? The brain needs a huge amount of oxygen to perform its functions. It is the center of the nervous system and controls physical actions and behavior of the individual.

However, when there are problems in its normal functioning, the brain reacts by causing various symptoms and disorders like headaches, anxiety, confusion, loss of concentration and memory. The health of the brain is totally dependent on our food and drink habits, exercise and sleep. Most people accept that the body needs dietary supplements but the importance of mental health supplements is not yet known to all.

Vitamins: The B group of vitamins play a significant role in brain health. Vitamin B1 or thiamine supports the nervous system activity, while its deficiency causes brain atrophy or senility. Low quantities of Vitamin B1 also cause confusion, depression, fatigue, irritability and memory loss. Sources of B1 include mushrooms, spinach, tuna, green peas and tomatoes.

Minerals: The brain needs several minerals to keep functioning optimally. Zinc, for instance, is an essential ingredient in cell membranes. When zinc is deficient in pregnant women, the child is born with brain defects and other body defects like cleft lips and clubbed limbs. Zinc can be found in chicken, turkey, milk, cashews, peanuts and baked beans.

Antioxidants: Free radicals can be very harmful to the brain cells because brain cells do not have the ability to repair themselves. Once the brain cells die, brain functions are affected. Therefore antioxidants are used to destroy free radicals. Vitamin C and E rich foods like lettuce, watermelon, spinach, oranges, lemons and bell pepper, are natural sources of antioxidants.

Fatty acids: Fish is sometimes known as brain food. This is because they contain essential fatty acids which are important in the process of formation and growth of nerve cells in the brain. Deficiency of fatty acids is becoming widespread and is responsible for various emotional and learning disorders like schizophrenia and autism. Fatty acids are found in rich quantities in cold water fish like herring and sardines.

Our diets do not contain all these nutrients and therefore, it becomes important to take mental health supplements. These are essentially multi-vitamin and mineral supplements that take care of the overall requirements of the body and the mind. It is important to include these mental health supplements as a part of our regular health program that might include drinking water and doing exercises.

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