Boron Recently Recognized as Key to Good Health

Trace minerals don't receive a lot of attention because they're a category of minerals that our body only needs in tiny amounts. Most of the focus falls on bulk minerals that our body uses in high amounts like calcium. Boron is an important trace mineral. Yet for some reason it was largely ignored for many years. In fact, it was just 1985 that scientists finally agreed that boron was needed to maintain optimum health.

Boron is important because it helps the body absorb calcium and magnesium. Both of these minerals are essential to maintaining strong, healthy bones. Studies have shown that boron greatly increases the body's utilization of magnesium and calcium.

This explains why a number of studies of boron have focused on its ability to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. Calcium forms a major part of the joint tissue. In arthritis, this tissue becomes damaged. This damage lead to chronic pain and swelling. Boron may slow arthritis by helping repair the joint tissue. It does this by making more calcium available to repair the cartilage. Similarly, its effect on the availability of calcium makes boron useful for preventing osteoporosis. The bones become stronger and more dense by boron's action on magnesium and caclium.

Boron is also an element of the naturally occurring steroids in our body. These steroids include our sex hormones. Boron appears to cause the body to make more of these sex hormones. Bodybuilders have found it useful because it increases their production of testosterone which allows them to add muscle more quickly. Likewise, boron increases estrogen production. As a result, boron supplements may be useful to menopausal women wishing to avoid hormone replacement therapy and its various side effects.

Boron also boosts brainpower. It appears to improve memory. This might be due to its ability to make magnesium more available. A recent study showed that magnesium improves memory in animals. Since many American adults have a magnesium deficiency, boron may help by making the magnesium more readily available. This study also noted that regular magnesium supplements often do not reach the brain because of poor absorptions. Liquid supplements help minerals pass through our digestive tract to where they're needed. Combined with a liquid magnesium supplement, boron may help stop memory loss due to aging.

One reason that trace minerals are present in small quantities is that many of them are toxic in larger quantities. This also applies to boron. Consult your doctor before taking boron supplements and always follow the dose guidelines that provided with your boron supplement. Use a liquid boron supplement to maximize the amount of the mineral that gets through your digestive tract. If you're concerned about osteoporosis and taking a calcium and magnesium combination, try giving it an extra kick by also taking a boron supplement. Science is just catching up in its understanding of the importance of trace minerals but it is now clear that boron is a key mineral for keeping our body in top shape.