Are Nutritional Supplements the Best Way to Get All the Nutrients We Need?

There are many very conflicting theories about the advantages of a good and varied diet over vitamin and mineral dietary supplements. The traditional view is that because of the much greater variety of combinations of different compounds available in good food, it is bound to be a better option than taking pills and nutritional supplements in order to make sure the body gets just what it needs. While it is definitely true that a quality, balanced diet will give a person much more of what the body requires than a relatively unvarying selection of foods, it is also true that no human diet can possibly give you absolutely everything you need, absolutely all the time.

Do dietary supplements just go straight through us?

Dietary supplements are sometimes accused of being an expensive way to pass nutrients straight through the body, and in certain cases this may be true. If however you choose a good quality source of well manufactured supplements and take them according to the instructions, you are more likely to guarantee that the body's building blocks are fully available in the right quantities at all times.

Varied and balanced diet still not enough

However well-informed we are about nutrition, however good the quality of our food is, however varied and balanced our diet may be it is absolutely impossible to get all the vitamins, minerals and appropriate essential oils and other necessary chemicals from the diet. It is certainly possible to eat well enough to remain healthy if we have the time and access to the best produce, but even with the best intentions in the world, very few people if any have a diet that is infallible all the time.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements seem to provide the answer. Good quality, good value vitamins supplements, minerals and other dietary extras will ensure that our bodies always have access to what they need, allowing us to be more healthy than ever before. Don't rule out supplements just because you think you eat well enough; you might be surprised at the difference they can make.