Announcing the World’s New Number 1 Super Fruit Revealed

In general today we have less time to stop and smell the roses than ever before. With the all the things that we need to get done in one day, there is hardly time to stop for a break. And when there is time for a break, most of us are reluctant to do so. Most busy Australians realize that once you sit down for a rest, you may not get back up.

At these desperate moments, we reach for whatever we think will give us the energy we need to get through the rest of the day. For some it may be coffee, for others tea. Many more energy starved Australians may even look to prescription or gimmicky 'pick-me-ups' that end up doing more harm than good. Not even caffeine has the lasting effect we'd like and more often than not leaves you with a feeling of fatigue.

What we need is some kind of amazing energy food that will pick us up when we need it that is natural and completely safe to use. This is the time to turn to the acai berry for help.

The acai berry is the next amazing super fruit that is taking Australia by storm. While there are many aspects to being labelled a super fruit, it is safe to say that a super fruit is a fruit of amazing taste and nutritional value that has been proven over time to produce great results. Products made from the acai berry are storming the market due to its amazing taste and nutritional aspects.

For hundreds of years the acai berry has been considered to be an amazing source of energy by the people of South America. It is packed with antioxidants and naturally provides energy. The acai berry contains more antioxidants than red wine. Additionally it is packed with the kind of natural sugars that humans need.

The acai berry is also packed with amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of protein. You also get a good heaping of fibre in a serving of acai berry and you know that is good for your digestive health and weight loss. What more could an energy-starved Australian hope for?

While scientific research is ongoing, the fruit itself promises amazing results. The good news is that it is simple and safe to try. Native South Americans have been harvesting the acai berry and benefiting from its nutrients for hundreds of years with no harmful effects. Because it is natural, you know it is much safer that prescription medications.

Outside of the South American regions where it is grown, acai products tend to be sold as a freeze-dried product or processed powder, so most Australians will need to get their acai berry fix through juices and drinks. There are many acai berry products in health food stores throughout Australia right now. Of course, there are also many websites dedicated to selling the product, so you can certainly have your favourite acai berry products delivered right to your door.

Take advantage of this popular, energy-packed fruit. With its popularity growing, it is not surprising that acai berry products are springing up all over Australia. Join the crowd of health conscious Australians!