All Acai Berry Powder is Not the Same: Where to Get the Best Acai Powder

Acai berry powder is a relative newcomer to the food supplement market. Only appearing in the last few years, many people are just now hearing about it. But in the short time it has been on the American market, it has gained a tremendous amount of coverage from television shows and health specialists. Because of this, there are now numerous companies selling acai berry supplements and other products. While this makes it easy to find these products, it can make it hard to find the higher quality ones. There are a few things you should know that will help you find the best products at a great price.

What should I avoid?

There are a few things that some companies will do, or not do, which can negatively impact the quality of their products. Some companies use a spray-drying process which removes the nutrients from their acai berry powder. You essentially end up with a worthless product. Some companies will also save money by processing the seed of the berry. The seed comprises most of the berry and reduces the nutritional value of the acai powder when processed with the fruit. If a company uses the seed in their powder, you are getting about 20% of the benefit you would get from a pure berry powder.

What should I look for?

Since many companies are able to hide their shortcuts, knowing what to look for in a good product can save you a lot of time and money. Since the maltodextrin added in spray-dried products does not have to be listed as an ingredient, the only way to know that you are getting a freeze-dried product is to check that the company specifically says it makes only freeze-dried supplements. You will also want to make sure they use only wild-harvested, organic berries without any additives and fillers. Wild-harvested, organic products will be free of chemical insect repellants and fertilizers.

What is the best source for acai berry powder?

Finding the right acai supplement can take some time but once you do it, you'll be glad you made the effort. So many acai scams are out there just waiting for the consumer who has not done enough homework on this supplement. If a company makes exaggerated or dubious claims like weight loss miracles and celebrity endorsements, this should be a red flag for you. On the other hand, companies that information on their product, their processing methods, the source of their acai, and how they give back to the environment may be worth a second look. They give more focus on the supplement and not the marketing strategy.

With the help of these simple guidelines, you'll be on your merry way finding the best acai berry powder.