A Guide to Finding the Best Frozen Acai Berry Pulp

Acai berries can't be come by in America and so the closest thing most Americans will be able to get is frozen acai berry pulp. The good news is it is every bit as healthy and delicious as the fresh berries themselves. If you have found yourself considering a trip to Brazil so you can try the incredible super fruit for yourself, you may be able to save a lot of time and money by simply buying a high-quality frozen pulp product!

How are the Supplements Different?

There are many different kinds of acai berry products and supplements currently available. Most companies offer the standard capsule form, but some have a few more options as well. Many companies sell acai drinks in different forms. Some are energy drinks which may contain sugars or caffeine that you may not want. You may also be able to find premade smoothies or shakes available from some companies. While these can be a delicious way to get your acai, they may also contain dairy or additives you may want to avoid.

How does frozen acai berry pulp stand out from the other alternatives?

The frozen pulp is essentially just the fruit of the acai. That makes it extremely versatile and you can use it in pretty much any way you can think of. If you buy it from Acai Roots you are guaranteed that it is completely organic and natural. You will be getting your entire daily value in terms of antioxidants and you get a product which is completely dairy-free. If you are looking to get the absolute closest thing to the fresh berry, there is nothing closer than frozen pulp.

How do I find the best acai products?

With all the scams being perpetrated in the acai supplements market today, just finding high-quality products is a challenge. You have to be careful of how you choose your source and make sure that the products you buy are worth your money. One of factors that you should consider is if the company you are buying from is using organic acai, picked right from the rainforests of the Amazon. Another good indication is when that company makes an effort to help the natives in the acai-producing regions of Brazil, giving them employment, and supporting the preservation of the trees.

Finding frozen acai pulp is not that difficult anymore but you want the best quality products you can find for optimal nutrition and health. If you use the criteria outlined for "grading" companies, you'll be able to easily spot the best products and companies.