A Breakdown Of What’s In Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a popular supplement which has been used by families across the generations as a way to improve their health. Boosting the immune system, improving blood circulation, and reducing depression being just some of the benefits those who take cod liver oil supplements enjoy. So, what does it contain that makes it so healthy?

Omega 3 DHA - This fatty acid is needed by the body to keep the nervous system in good working order. It is also crucial for the development of healthy skin and hair and promotes strong bones and teeth. Additionally, research has also linked it with both the prevention of depression, and the alleviation of symptoms associated with it.

Omega 3 EPA - This fatty acid promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and reduces inflammation throughout the body, which makes it particularly beneficial to those with arthritic problems.It also creates a healthy lining for the digestive tract and slows the onset of joint problems. Some even say that it helps boost mental capacity.

Vitamin A - This is important for good vision, and for the maintenance of well-lubricated mucosal linings and digestive tracts. It helps promote healthy skin as well, as skin disorders require the presence of vitamin A to heal. It also helps fight viral infection and bacterial growth by helping build a better immune system that is more resistant towards infections and viral attacks.

Vitamin D - Strong and healthy bones are one of the benefits arising from vitamin D being in the body. A second benefit is a reduction in the likelihood of cardiovascular related diseases developing, and a third, which particularly applies to diabetes sufferers, is the steadying of blood sugar levels.

An added bonus to regularly taking cod liver oil supplements, and one which most people are not aware of, is that it helps with your oral health too. It does so as a result of the fact that it increases the presence of tubular dentine, which rebuilds parts of teeth which have started to decay.

With all of these proven health benefits in mind, anyone who is not currently taking cod liver oil supplements is doing themselves a disservice, and it could be a decision that they come to regret later in their life.