7 Keto

7 Keto is a DHEA metabolite. Just like DHEA, it has great anti-aging qualities, but without DHEA's negative effects. Some studies showed that the use of 7 Keto enhanced the physical and psychological condition in older persons in degrees that are noticeable. It also renews and invigorates major body organs ? the brain, heart and skin.

Now, let's talk about the seven great benefits of 7 Keto.

Improve metabolism. 7 Keto works with the thyroid gland to help it manufacture enzymes that powers up the metabolic processes in our body, including fat burning. This means that whatever dieting or exercise you do, the effects are magnified. You are able to get rid of more fat.

Increase thermogenesis. In thermogenesis, the liver burns up the fat and converts it into heat or energy. That means the more your body has thermogenesis, the more weight you are able to shed off. 7 Keto helps the thyroid increase production of enzymes that increase thermogenesis. Thus, you can enjoy increased levels of energy while you get rid of your fat.

Prevention of weight loss plateau. When you are in the process of losing weight, the body reacts to this by slowing down metabolism. Thus, all your efforts to lose weight often results to very little or no results. This is what is called weight loss plateau. 7 Keto prevents this, again because of its work in the thyroid gland.

Improved immune system. Allergic reasons, illness and infection are effectively warded off with a stronger immune system.

Strengthen the heart. The supplement improves the levels of lipoproteins: it increases HDL (the good kind of lipoproteins) while minimizing LDL (the bad kind) so you have lower risk of heart illness.

Moisturize the skin This results into less wrinkles and a fresher-looking face.

Decrease muscle loss. In the process of losing weight, it is inevitable that some of the muscle is also lost. With 7 Keto, the body is more able to concentrate on getting rid of the fat without losing the muscle composition.