7 Keto Benefits

The supplement, DHEA, has been a favorite supplement since it has excellent anti-aging properties. It invigorates the heart, the brain and the skin. It enhances a person's psychological and physical condition, particularly in older persons. However, the good that DHEA does can also be the cause of the bad it can do. DHEA does have negative effects in some cases. The good news is that its main metabolite, 7 Keto, is able to do the things DHEA can do, without the negative effects.

Let's take a look at what 7 Keto can do for you:

Improve metabolic speed. 7 Keto positively affects our thyroid gland. It works in such a way that it helps the thyroid gland produce enzymes that actually promotes fat burning. This is good, especially if you are already doing some exercises and getting on a diet. The effect is that your efforts are magnified: your body burns more fat than it normally would with the same amount of dieting and exercise.

Increase thermogenesis. This refers to how food is metabolized. During this process, heat (and energy) is created. The more your body has thermogenesis, the more your body (specifically the liver) is able to burn fat faster and convert it to energy. So not only do you burn fat, you have more energy to exercise and perform physical activities.

Prevention of weight loss plateau. When you are in the process of losing weight, the body reacts to this by slowing down metabolism. Thus, all your efforts to lose weight often results to very little or no results. This is what is called weight loss plateau. 7 Keto prevents this, again because of its work in the thyroid gland.

Stronger immune system. With 7 Keto, the immune system produces more antibodies. Thus, your body can prevent infection and speed up recovery from illness and allergic reactions.

Healthier heart. With improved HDL levels, you are less prone to heart disease.

Moisturize the skin. 7 Keto?s anti-aging properties provide you with great looking skin, as it is an effective moisturizer.

Better muscle preservation. In the process of losing weight, some muscle also get lost along with the fat. With 7 Keto, there is less muscle loss.