5 Must-Have Mood Foods For Maximum Arm Toning

Unfortunately, most women fail at arm toning not because they aren't exercising or eating right, but because they can't sustain a high level of motivation for prolonged periods of time. Many start the race, but few finish it.

One of the main issues, however, is that we live in a society that is so focused on the next best thing. In this case, the next best pill that will solve all your arm toning problems. The key, however, is to focus on the mind.

Doing this the old fashioned way, with psychology, can get tedious. And there are going to be times when the stresses of life will overcome us. So today I am going to discuss 5 brain boosting foods that will spike your motivation on demand. Arm toning will never be easier!

1. Loose leaf green tea. Consumed by emperors for centuries, dragon well loose leaf green tea is far superior to any other green tea for mental enhancement. You will get an immediate surge in mental focus and overall mood. And the best part is that you don't get a crash. Ditch the bags and stick to the loose leafs.

2. Organic cocoa. If you like chocolate, you will love cocoa powder. You see, cocoa powder is chocolate on steroids but without the added sugars or fats. You can expect an immediate flood of feel good feelings and an increase in circulation (as demonstrated by Harvard researchers) when taking cocoa.

3. Ceylon cinnamon. Also known as true cinnamon, it's far superior to the cinnamon you are used to consuming. Ceylon can be identified by its cigar look since its rolls are not hollow. Combining a stick of Ceylon with loose leaf green tea will pack a powerful punch. It will also increase insulin sensitivity which translates into more energy going to your brain.

4. Yerba mate in loose leaf form. You have to start off slow with this one. Why? Because it's extremely powerful. If you take too much at once you might be up all night. Nevertheless, it's worth taking because it can increase your mood for up to 8 hours!

5. H20. Don't roll your eyes just yet. I believe dehydration is a prime suspect for decreases in mood. Why? Because of caffeine. We are a culture that is addicted to caffeine, seriously. And our bodies don't build up a tolerance to caffeine's diuretic effect. Thus, many women are unknowingly suffering from low grade dehydration throughout the day. Lower dehydration equals mental sluggishness.

If more women starting focusing on their minds instead of the next wonder pill, more women would achieve successful arm toning. So make sure you take the above nootropics any time you feel the motivation beginning to flag. Stick with it, and you will get sexy arms. I promise.