5 Foods That Can Help You Accelerate Arm Toning

Unfortunately, most women fail at arm toning not because they aren't exercising or eating right, but because they can't sustain a high level of motivation for prolonged periods of time. Many start the race, but few finish it.

And our society aggravates this problem because it focuses so much on supplements and one-trick wonders. We are obsessed with synthetic foods that are going to alleviate all our problems. We should be obsessed, however, with ways to increase our mental stamina.

Doing this the old fashioned way, with psychology, can get tedious. And there are going to be times when the stresses of life will overcome us. So today I am going to discuss 5 brain boosting foods that will spike your motivation on demand.

1. Dragon well tea. Also known as loose leaf green tea, this is the best tea you can drink for an immediate boost in mental energy. And loose leaf teas are far superior to bagged teas, by leaps and bounds.

2. Organic cocoa. If you like chocolate, you will love cocoa powder. You see, cocoa powder is chocolate on steroids but without the added sugars or fats. You can expect an immediate flood of feel good feelings and an increase in circulation (as demonstrated by Harvard researchers) when taking cocoa.

3. Ceylon cinnamon. Also known as true cinnamon, it's far superior to the cinnamon you are used to consuming. Ceylon can be identified by its cigar look since its rolls are not hollow. Combining a stick of Ceylon with loose leaf green tea will pack a powerful punch. It will also increase insulin sensitivity which translates into more energy going to your brain.

4. Loose leaf yerba mate. By far, this is the strongest food item on this list. South Americans (especially Argentineans) are addicted to this stuff. And for good reason: it can increase your mood and focus for up to 8 hours! Just be careful here, start with very low doses and gradually increase.

5. Water. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but bear with me. Women are more dehydrated than ever because of caffeine. You see, our bodies build up a tolerance to its stimulatory effects, but don't build up a tolerance to its diuretic effects. So every time you increase the size of that latte or have another cup of extra dark to get that same energy jolt back, you are dehydrating yourself more and more. And dehydration causes massive mental fogginess which will leave you very cranky.

Brain boosting foods are a great tool for increasing motivation when arm toning is the last thing you want to think about. Figuring out how to win the mental game is the most important part of this whole process. If you can keep levels of motivation high for extended periods of time, you will reach your goal.

And here is the most important thing you can do: take action on this information and don't let it sit in the back of your head. After all, the most successful arm toning women have the highest speeds of implementation with new information.