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Using vitamins minerals and supplements to boost your metabolism

Each individual has their own rate of metabolism. You can tell many of those with a slow rate because they are among the overweight or obese around us. Think of the metabolism as a means of burning fuel. Some of us simply burn our food or calories more efficiently than others. So why is that? And why can’t those "chubby" folks eat as much as the slim ones without gaining a ton of weight? The answer to those questions and more is our rate of metabolism and there are some vitamins minerals and supplements that can help.

Hummingbirds live on sugar yet weight less than an ounce

Watch a tiny hummingbird and you will notice how rapidly they flap their wings. They do everything extremely quickly, including burn up the calories they ingest. They basically live on sugars from flowers and bird feeders so why don't they gain weight? It's because they have a super fast and efficient rate of metabolism. Many people go through life like that hummingbird. They burn up their daily intake of calories and remain slim throughout their lives. Leptin is a natural hormone found in the human body that directly influences our metabolism, raising the rate and helping us burn calories much more efficiently. It can be found in vitamins minerals and supplements containing fish oils. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are healthy supplements that contain high amounts of fish oil from the mackerel, salmon, haddock, and sardines, all of which are high in that valuable oil.

Taking a daily multivitamin keeps our body in balance

To maintain optimum health, especially when dieting, be sure to take your daily dose of multiple vitamins minerals and supplements. When looking to boost your metabolism don't miss out on some beneficial foods such as whole grain bread and cereal, calcium milk, fiber, and oatmeal. These are loaded with vitamins and actually make your body work for its keep as they take longer to process in your digestive system, therefore they burn more calories than they provide. The high fiber foods keep insulin levels low as they speed up your rate of metabolism, and the results are a weight loss plan that works.