Will Tonalin CLA Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Can Tonalin CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) really help you lose weight? Recent studies are giving hope to the idea that a simple natural supplement may give people a boost in their weight loss struggles. Millions of Canadians struggle with weight problems. Being overweight causes significant health problems and is damaging to one's self esteem.

Research done by a Canadian nutritionist, found that overweight adults taking a daily supplement of CLA lost weight prior to the Christmas holidays. The subjects taking CLA supplement also kept the weight off over the holiday season while they were indulged in holiday cakes and cookies and reduced their daily exercise regime.

The remarkable results of this holiday study were repeated by researchers at the University of Wisconsin which is located in Madison, Wisconsin. This second study had a sample size of 40 overweight adults. In this second study researchers gave half of their study subjects a daily supplement of Tonalin CLA while the other half took a placebo pill. The subjects were studied over a period of six months

The nutritionists from Wisconsin found that the experimental group that took the CLA supplement lost weight before the holiday season and did not gain any weight over the holiday season. They also found that the experimental group who took the placebo had Christmas holiday weight gain that much more than what was gained in the pre-holiday period. Throughout the entire study, there were no differences between the control group and the CLA supplement group with respect to exercise or amount of calories consumed.

During the pre-holiday period, which for the purposes of this study included November and December, the group taking the CLA supplements lost weight while the control group gained a total of 1.5 pounds of fat mass. As is to be expected, both experimental groups did less physical activity over the holidays. However, the CLA supplement group still managed to reduce their total body fat mass. Over the course of the 6 month study period, the CLA group lost a total of 2.2 pounds of fat. The subjects who took the CLA supplement found that there was also a tendency to lose belly fat. Losing belly fat is great for your health as that is the type of body fat that increase the risk of heart disease. Just over two pounds of fat might not sound like much but this loss was strictly ?fat? and not muscle loss or water loss. The researchers were able to measure the exact ?fat? loss by using highly accurate and sophisticated tools including under-water weighing.

There are different types of CLA supplements. Research studies that mixed the two most common forms together showed the greatest promise of measurable weight loss. These specific types of CLA supplement capsules are commonly found at drug stores and local health food stores. Tonalin CLA is the only patented and clinically proven form of CLA that the majority of research studies have been done with.

To date research has indicated that there are minimal risks in taking the mixed-form Conjugated Linoleic Acid or Tonalin CLA supplements. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if considering whether CLA supplements would be an appropriate inclusion in your weight loss program.