Which Vitamins do We Need – And Why Are They Necessary for Our Health?

"Health is wealth." This old saying remains true especially now, even during these modern times. With the high incidence of infections and communicable diseases, it is better to spend a few cents on vitamins now and prevent illness rather than spend thousands in the future when we have already contracted the disease.

In a fast paced society such as what we have today, people have tried to look for the fastest way to do everything - do their jobs, finish their homework, lose weight, and even prepare their food. With the appearance of more fast food and microwavable dinners, most people are no longer getting the proper vitamins and nutrition that their bodies need. Pizza, fries, burgers and soda have become a regular part of our diet and while these can give us a full stomach, they are not enough to give us the energy we need to perform our daily tasks.

People who are not getting the right nutrition feel sluggish and may tire very easily. They get into accidents often because they fail to adequately react to changes in their surroundings. They are sickly, and in many cases, they contract the most serious of diseases. Needless to say, people who are not getting proper nutrition cannot live their lives fully because they do not have enough energy to spare for their interests.

The problem with our generation is that it is so hard to maintain a well-balanced diet when work pressures and constraints begin to pile up. Even assuming that we do have time to cook a finely cooked meal and we do make sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, there are still certain blocks that hinder a full supply of all the things the body needs. Some people are lactose intolerant so that they don't get the needed requirements for calcium that we normally get from dairy products. Some people have allergies that inhibit them from eating certain types of food. This is where vitamins and herbal supplement come in.

If we are fond of pizza, burgers and processed food, chances are less to eat fruits and vegetables very much. We lose out on the crucial Vitamin C that our body needs. Vitamin C does not only increase our body's resistance to infections but it also increases our energy level to sustain long work hours, over time, late night meetings and the like. Vitamin C is also a good antioxidant and it also helps in the speedy regeneration of our cells and wounds. Taking in Solgar vitamin supplement would really help a lot.

If one wishes to preserve the strength of his bones into his twilight years, it is important to take in calcium supplement.

On the other hand, we also need Vitamin D so that our body can absorb the needed calcium from our diet. Otherwise, we will still get weak bones without this. Taking in Solgar vitamins everyday can resolve this problem.

Still there is no replacement to the advice that we be conscious to have a balanced diet. However, the second best advice is to make sure that we have the recommended daily allowance of vitamins every day.