Weight Loss Wonder – The Maqui Berry

The maqui berry is the berry to grow more popular than acai this year. The reason is it has way more antioxidants and a higher ORAC value. The acai is popular, but the maqui beats it in every way except it doesn't have omega 3 in it. This will mean the maqui will be the super berry that you want to have.

The maqui is still less popular then its competitor acai. This is because the acai was discovered by Oprah far before the maqui was discovered. As more people learn about maqui, more people start buying it. It won't take long before the world knows about it.

The most popular berry out right now is the acai berry. The reason is solely due to it being featured on Dr. Oz and Oprahs website. Their popularity and authority in the industry made millions of people search for it.

Oprah showed the world that adding a simple little berry to your diet can help you live longer. Not only can this berry fight antioxidants to help you age slower, but it can also increase your metabolism. The berry also gives you additional strength.

The most important thing this berry can do is it will help you lose weight. Losing weight is on the top of many peoples to-do list, so this berry in a pill form can help you for very little effort on your part. Just pop a pill every day and live longer and start losing weight.

Research on maqui has been experimented on mice. The results so far show that mice who take the maqui can run twice as far and burn far more calories. The mice were identical, so there was no doubt it was purely the maqui berry that improved the lives of the mice. They also lived twenty percent longer!

Your parents might have told you to eat your fruit and veggies because they were good for you. With todays technology you could reply that the ORAC levels of maqui berry are four times more healthy for you than eating blueberries! Take that mom and dad!

Detoxifying your body can be very helpful. Over the course of our lives the human body accumulates a lot of garbage in the system. Cleaning out these toxins can help us live healthier lives and throw away excess pounds. Everyone should add maqui berries to their diet.