Watch out for These Vitamin C Problems

Vitamin C is a key component to the structure to cartilage, muscle and bones, since it allows the formation of a special protein. Scientists have also known that it is essential to absorb iron in the body.

Scientific research made on this vitamin have shown that even if you consume more than the amounts needed of C vitamin, you won't feel any more benefits than with the proper amounts.

When you don't have enough amounts, though, you will suffer from symptoms such as lassitude, weakness, swollen gums, scurvy and even nosebleed. There are varied reasons that can lead to a deficiency, including a bad diet, alcoholism and improper absorption.

This condition like other problems of this kind has risk factors that facilitate the condition.

Taking more than needed amounts of vitamins can be bad for pregnant women, whose babies will be very prone to develop wheezing once they are 2 years old.

Vitamin C supplements is often avoided to doctors when it comes to women, instead the main goal by nutritionists is provide women with the right amounts of this vitamin through dieting. Multi vitamins in infants can also pose a problem, helping develop asthma and food allergies.

A deficiency of vitamin C can lead to iron deficiency anemia. This shows with a reduced red blood cell count and insufficient amounts of iron. This makes vitamin C a contributing factor in the development of anemia and the reduction of oxygen carried in the blood.

You know you are suffering from anemia because you feel weakness and pallor - when the deficiency is mild. But when the deficiency gets severe, you will start feeling dizziness.

Scurvy also appears because of a vitamin C deficiency; scurvy symptoms include weakness, tiredness, easy bleeding, pain in different parts of the body and poor healing of the wounds.

Finally, keep an eye for the state of your gums, a deficiency will cause swollen gums that look purply and feel spongy. It is essential to get a great diet to avoid the problems mentioned here.