Vitamin B and Inadequate Levels

We need vitamins in our life, they are very important for many functions in our system; we acquire them through external sources since we can't produce them, for this purpose a good balanced diet is of a very important value.

The vitamin B complex is a family of different vitamins, each one names with the letter and a number. Doctors recommend taking them as a group.

Among the most common types of deficiencies, we have vitamin B12 deficiency; this can develop out of drug use, ingest of processed food, toxins and even the stress in our lives.

Failing to get proper levels of vitamin B can lead to health complications and bring conditions such as neurological disorders and pernicious anemia. In children signs are more severe.

Among the people who have a higher risk of develop a deficiency of B12, we have those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. They avoid all animal food in the diet, and to compensate this, they will have to include in their lives supplementation.

If you want to get good levels of vitamin B, you'll need to include animal food in your diet, such as liver, dairy products, muscle flesh and eggs.

Unfortunately, the vitamin is not found in good quantities in plant food. Too get the amounts we need we would have to ingest great quantities of vegetables containing small amounts.

Among the vegetable sources that contain some of this vitamin we have baked potatoes, bananas, avocados, soybeans and spinach. A vegetarian will necessarily need a form of B12 supplement.

The treatment of this type of vitamin deficiency will be dictated taking into account factors such as the severity of the deficiency and current lifestyle. It can be supplemented via shots or injection, sublingual tablets and even can be found in the form of creams.

Please take into account this information is strictly for educational purposes. If you believe you have a vitamin B deficiency you must undergo proper evaluation by a qualified doctor.