The Best Cellulite Cream

What's the best cellulite cream out there? Does the efficacy of the cream depend on the brand? Or do you simply get what you pay for? There's no real way of telling which the best cellulite cream is, but we'll try to give you an idea of what to look for!

It can be easy to tell which cellulite creams are better than the others. It's simply a matter of looking at the label and seeing which ingredients the cream uses. The quality of the ingredients are what can distinguish one cream from another. Before you spend any money on a cellulite treatment cream, look for the following ingredients.

#1 - Caffeine, or one of its derivatives - Caffeine is one of the most effective cellulite-fighting ingredients in creams today. This is because it raises the metabolism and boosts circulation in the applied area. A higher metabolism means more calories burned, and hence more fat loss. As we all know, cellulite is mostly fat - and caffeine in your cellulite cream can burn fat effectively.

Another cellulite-reducing aspect of caffeine is that it fights against water retention in the applied area. As one of the leading causes of cellulite, water retention can be beat by using a cellulite cream containing caffeine.

#2 - Collagen - The best cellulite cream for you should contain collagen, or at least another ingredient that stimulates collagen production. Collagen makes skin more elastic, which is important for getting rid of cellulite. The skin loses its elasticity as we get older and can make cellulite look worse over time.

#3 - Retinol - This ingredient is primarily an anti-acne one, but it also can be used to fight cellulite. Retinol helps to stimulate natural collagen production, which as mentioned before makes skin firmer and more elastic, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

#4 - Herbal Ingredients - If you're concerned about harmful ingredients and are looking for something a little more natural, you might want to try a natural or organic cellulite cream. There are a lot of new herbal or "organic" cellulite creams making their way to store shelves today, and many women are noticing results.

Since these cellulite creams are all-natural, there's less risk of getting any side effects from their use. However it is important to look at the label closely though, as "Contains Natural Ingredients" doesn't always mean ALL of its ingredients are natural. Also be sure to see if the organic ingredients are certified.

Remember, though, that prevention is always better than cure. While it may be impossible for many of us to avoid cellulite at all, it's still possible to lessen the chances of it occurring. The best way to prevent cellulite before it happens is by living a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating the right food and getting regular exercise. Also getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are important parts of healthy skin.