Slim Seduction – Diet Pill Libido Booster? Not Likeley

Slim Seduction -- What You Need To Know

Slim Seduction, is a pill that claims to help women lose weight and simultaneously increase their libido. Originally, the product was sold as an aid for improving sexual desires. However, after getting feedback from women who claimed to have lost weight while using the product; it received a name change to reflect its two roles. Besides assisting with weight loss Slim Seduction claims that users will banish cellulite. Global Nutritional Sciences manufactures Slim Seduction; the company has been selling dietary supplements online since 1999.

How It Works

Users are advised to take 3 pills at two different times of the day, preferably a half hour before eating or working out. The manufacturers claim that the special combination of ingredients in Slim Seduction helps people lose weight, as they have some desirable slimming effects on the body's mechanisms.


Let's take the first Slim Seduction main ingredient -- citrus aurantium, or bitter orange. This ingredient has similar effects to those of ephredine, the banned dieting ingredient -- they're both stimulants with certain questionable effects on the health. Bitter orange is suspected of aggravating or increasing the risk of arrhythmias, high blood pressure, and strokes. While the ingredient is approved for commercial use, it hasn't really been backed up by science to help people lose weight.

On the other hand, some of Slim Seduction's more widely-accepted ingredients include green tea extract, which is known for its stimulant properties, its high levels of antioxidants, and its ability to make users feel more energetic. These help dieters take in less food -- they'll feel full after significantly smaller servings -- which brings about weight loss on its own. Green tea also boosts the metabolism, which helps the body burn fat even when not working out.

There are two more noteworthy ingredients on Slim Seduction's list, and both are herbs native to South Africa. The first, guarana, is a caffeine-containing stimulant that doesn't have a substantial track record when it comes to promoting weight loss. On the other hand, yerba mate has been a popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements and dietary products. It really does tend to hold back the appetite. This is all well and good, except that Slim Seduction's manufacturers claim that these ingredients can help liberate fat stores in the body, which is a rather baseless thing to promise.

Despite these audacious claims, yerba mate and green tea are still widely-accepted ingredients in the dieting industry, and really do have pretty good track records in weight loss. Other ingredients may also pitch in, such as calcium (for burning fat) and Dandelion extract (to remove excess water from the body). The problem is that none of the above-mentioned ingredients have any proven effect on sex drive.

Consumer Feedback

Users have complained about Slim Seduction's baseless claims, although some users have reported varying amounts of weight loss. The problem is that it could just as well have been brought about by lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet and more exercise. Perhaps the most common complaint with regards to Slim Seduction is the fact that some users have been charged for free trials, and have a good share of trouble merely canceling their orders.