Shiatsu Massage Has Many Beneficial Outcomes To You

Shiatsu is another ancient form of therapy. It is a therapy designed to relieve stress in the body and to promote healing of bodily ailments. The roots of this interesting therapy are traced back to China, yet the Japanese have made it their own. By adding figure pressure, the Japanese are applying Acupuncture but without the needles. Shiatsu involves detecting energy blockages in the body. It helps on releasing them to restore the flow.

Shiatsu and acupressure massage have some similarities. The main similarity is both of them use acupressure points. Acupressure massage tends to concentrate on releasing with just the acupressure points. Shiatsu massage seeks to restore balance and harmony in the body by releasing tension and stiffness in major muscle groups.

Shiatsu also involves the stretching and manipulating of different muscles and soft tissue areas. The typical movements in shiatsu massage are using increasing pressure in a rhythmic pattern. Holding pressure is also used with the hands and a gradual pressure release.

Both shiatsu and acupressure follow the principles regarding energy flow through the body. This is common practice in Oriental medicine. There is strong belief in a life energy and force which permeates throughout the body. Conflicts with this energy cause turmoil in the body.

Practitioners of shiatsu are able to locate blockages of energy in the body. They then concentrate on releasing this energy to restore balance. When the energy is upset, it is believed that it is the cause of a variety of health-related problems. Shiatsu is designed to bring the body back into balance and restore health.

Shiatsu uses a compression or holding massage. This is simply using the hands to hold around a given muscle or part of the body. Hands provide both touch and warm. This gentle squeeze it is done to initiate the healing process in the body.

Shiatsu has modernized with the times. Traditional shiatsu is very specific in its application. Many modern practitioners also include other types of movements such as vibration, grasping, and shaking. These have been integrated with many of the traditional practices.

There are many massage techniques which are being discover in many remote villages. More and more of these massage techniques are being brought to light. Shiatsu massage is commonly practiced throughout the world. We shall see how other massage techniques continue to be integrated with others.

Shiatsu is been commonly used by massage practitioners around the world. It has become an alternative form of therapy under traditional medicine. It is fairly common to find shiatsu as one of the specialties of masseuses in different parts of the world.

Many of the elements of shiatsu massage are being integrated into massage chairs. Massage chairs are able to imitate the hand movements of a masseuse. Sophisticated software programs enable massage chairs to perform a scan of the back and make a map of individual acupoints. The program then feeds those coordinates and prioritizes them for relieving and soothing.

Shiatsu massage is quite an invigorating massage to obtain. You will definitely understand major relationships in your body. The tenseness and tightness of muscles will be found out quickly. The treatment to those areas to unblock energy is central to shiatsu philosophy. There are many subtle elements constituting shiatsu massage therapy.

It is quite extraordinary that the early practitioners of shiatsu quickly discovered the complex relationships in the body. Their ability to target acupoints to relieve stress and tension is quite amazing. There is much to be understood by Western medicine from many of these long-standing traditional treatments.