Prime the Pump with Mother Nature

"Natural testosterone supplements." You hear the phrase today and you might tend to forget "natural" was the opening. Maybe "supplements" stuck on you a little more heavily. Because it gets you thinking of things having nothing to do with sex. (Things like steroid scandals in professional sports). In addition, it was sex that got you thinking of the supplements in the first place.

Now, many people have deployed those and other supplements on behalf of a lot of artificial performance enhancement. Which has what to do with the major (and intimate) reason men with falling testosterone think of supplementing it? (For men after thirty, it happens. To some more profoundly than others. This is why they need natural testosterone supplements.)

However, many testosterone supplements do spring from natural sources. Now that you are relaxing, a little bit more, you want to augment and enhance your sex life, and you do not want to think about Viagra just yet, if you can help it. We can guide you toward a few natural testosterone supplements, and we can actually start the search right in your own bodies.

You produce a supplement called LH. The lutienizing hormone. Produced by the pititary gland, which sometimes needs to hire a good director. In addition, the big one is called tribulus terrestris. Its nickname is the puncturevine plant. The pititary's LH production accelerates under its direction. Meaning, so does your testosterone production. However, we will give you one word of advice-unless a stomach upset does not kill the mood for you, you might want to think about having it with a meal.

Heard of the passion flower? Its real name is Passiflora coerulea. In addition, its yield includes chrysin, which keeps testosterone from thinking about going in the other direction. Because men have another problem: testosterone converts to estrogen faster as we age. In addition, more estrogen than testosterone is what a lot of us get after fifty. Chrysin's been reviewed deeply enough to know to know it will raise your testosterone level up to thirty percent.

Those are just two of Mother Nature's testo production supplements. They are as natural as eggs with bacon at the breakfast table. However, the production needs security. Meaning your prostate needs protection. (Think of the prostate as that God-given refinery which produces the testosterone in the first place.) That is just as important as natural testosterone supplements. In addition, all you have to reach for is your vitamin and mineral shelf. You may not have known what a boatload of prostate protection you had at hand already.

To name just a few: Zinc aspartate. (It goes right to the prostate.) Beta sistosterol. (It is well regarded for anti-cancer action, too.) Saw palmetto. Lycopene. (You will have it with your salad tonight-your tomatoes are loaded with it.) Omega-3. (This one does not just help boost testosterone, it kills prostate cancer cells. The Mayo Clinic figured that one out.) Corn silk. Bromelain. (If you love pineapple, by the way, you are getting it already.) Vitamin B3 and 6, Vitamin C. Epimedium Brevicornum. (This one is extracted from the horny goat weed.) Gingko biloba. Grape seed. Quercetin. (From buckwheat.) Piperine. (From black pepper.) Green tea.

The best news: Nobody's asking you to squeeze them out of their natural habitats by yourself. People are paid to do it for you. People such as those who make xtendlife Male Rejuvenator tablets. Because there is only one place, you should not let someone else do your work for you. That is the place where your testosterone production makes itself manifest most, as you can tell by the gleam in her eyes when you accept the honor she is offering you.