Perfect Acai Review – Is This Brand Really A Cut Above The Rest?

The aim of this Perfect Acai review is to find out how close to perfection this brand of acai supplements really is. In an industry riddled with scams and substandard products being passed off as genuine ones, it helps to know that there are still some established and trusted brands that can be found like Perfect Acai. But what makes Perfect Acai worth giving a shot?

Acai Berry Basics

Before we go directly to the brand, let's first brush up on the basics of this once little-known berry. Acai is called by many as the number one super fruit because of its nutritional value and high antioxidant content. You would be amazed to find so many nutrients packed into one small berry the size of a grape. In terms of potential benefits, it ranks far above avocados and cranberries which were perceived before as the reigning super fruits. The only drawback you may find with acai is that its high fat content causes it to spoil quickly, making it impossible to be shipped to other countries. Luckily, manufacturers have found a way to process acai berry such that the nutrients contained can still be maintained even without having fresh acai.

What to Avoid

Obviously, you want to avoid scams and potential traps. But you also need to look at the product itself. Legitimate companies may still sell an acai supplement chock full of fillers and fluff ingredients which can not only reduce the quality of the product, but may leave you with a nearly worthless product. The main things to look for can be found on the ingredient label. Watch out for fillers such as sugar and caffeine. These not only cheapen the product, but they add fats and other products you don't want in your health supplement. The label on Perfect Acai tells the story. Only pure acai is used in building their supplements.

You also want to avoid extracts. The health properties of the acai berry come from the entire skin and fruit, not one single aspect. Why not enjoy the benefits of the whole fruit? Along these lines, you want to avoid companies which also process the seed. Since the healthy properties are found in the fruit and skin, the seed would be considered filler. With some acai berries, the seed accounts for half of the mass. Products that process the seed are essentially offering you half the health benefits for the same price! With Perfect Acai, you are getting more nutrition because of the things they leave out, not what they put in. That means savings for you since it doesn't cost anything for Perfect Acai to leave out the fillers.

The Product You Want to Buy

Some of the tricks that companies use to hide their production methods aren't printed on the label. For instance, it is widely known that the only real way to preserve the values of the fruit and still ship it overseas is to freeze dry it. This process locks in the nutritional properties of the acai berry, meaning freeze-dried acai products contain as much as 50 times the level of antioxidants as spray-dried products.

And what is spray drying? It is another process that may be used to preserve acai. Unlike freeze drying that uses low temperatures however, spray drying uses heat to remove the moisture from the fruit, thereby removing its nutrients in the process. The product is also sprayed with the polysaccharide maltodextrin which is taken in the body as glucose. What companies with substandard products typically do is to keep silent on their manufacturing method. To be sure that the acai brand you are getting is using the freeze drying technique, check to see it says so in the label. From harvesting to processing, Perfect Acai uses only the freshest berries and the methods to ensure the highest standard of their supplements. And all this information is contained in Perfect Acai's product package. No need to hide anything.

Perfect Acai doesn't stop at making their supplement top quality. The devil is in the details, after all. Most companies package their supplements in gelatin capsules which are often made from cowhide! Not only is this unacceptable to vegetarians, but many people can have allergies to these capsules. Perfect Acai uses capsules made from an easily-digestible vegetable cellulose.

It is important to remember that many companies, which are trying to take your money with little concern for giving you a quality product, are not going to tell you that their product is inferior if they don't have to. You have to know what to avoid, but just as importantly, you have to know what you want in your supplements. Fortunately, with Perfect Acai you get up front information about the product and why it is superior. You also get to deal with an established company which has a history of success based on producing a quality supplement at an affordable price.