Muscle and Mind, Can One Improve the Other?

Can you improve your muscularity with a muscle and mind connection? The answer is definitely yes.

Can you make improvements to your mind through your muscles? You can, indirectly

Your brain is in control of your entire body and all that goes on in it, and your mind can control your brain. Your mind is what does all of your thinking. Every thought or impulse that comes to you comes from your mind. When you think, you control.

Where is your mind located? That's a tough one. Let's keep things easy and say that your mind is in your brain, and that your mind is your brain. When you think about things, your mind is thinking, and the thoughts are changing your brain. Your brain sends a signal to the body to bring change about.

So, if you think about typing, you think about the words you want to type and your brain sends a signal to your fingers to make them move. You don't have to think about all of the muscles moving and everything involved, you just thought about the letters you wanted to type and your brain made it happen.

Typing is something you do naturally, you don't even think about it. Typing is not something difficult for your brain to handle. Building muscle is a little more difficult. One reason building muscle is so tough is because your mind and muscle don't get along. Your brain is always sending a signal saying it doesn't want any more muscle and everything that occurs in the body can be controlled in the brain. Therefore, if your brain doesn't want to build more muscle, you're not gaining more muscle. There's no big, flashy, half full tub of supplement that will change what your brain thinks is best for your body.

The equation goes like this:

So this is what we're dealing with:

It appears that what your brain and body want and what you want are polar opposites.

What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

There's no doubt that nutrition and exercise play a huge role in if your body will store fat or build muscle, but there's more to it. Your thoughts can actually change your body's functioning, including how much fat it stores or how much muscle it builds. It really isn't that far fetched if you look at it scientifically. Remember, every bodily function originates, or can be influenced by the brain. It tells your body what to do, and sometimes you have direct input. You can move your arms and legs to play different sports and you can also train yourself and your body to play those sports better and better. Moving your body is easy, but you want to know how to gain muscle with your mind.

Obviously nutrition and physical activity have a huge role in how much fat is used, and how much muscle growth is stimulated, but there is more to it. Your thinking can actually change your body's amount of fat and muscle. Its really not so far fetched, if you think about it. Remember, everything that happens in your body, originates in the brain. Your brain is central command. It tells your body what to do. Sometimes you have direct control over what happens. You can move your arms and legs to play sports. You can also train yourself to move your body to play those sports better. Moving your body around is one thing, but you want to know about building muscle with your mind.

I know what you are thinking, how can I build muscle with my mind? That's an automatic process that I can't control.

That's a correct statement. Building muscle is an automatic process just like pumping blood and breathing.

Try this for a second. Stop breathing for five seconds. Go ahead, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. You just changed an automatic process, with your thoughts. You stopped and started this automatic process by thinking about it.

It's starting to come to you, but let me explain a little more. By the way, the best and only complete resource available about this subject is Klint Newton's Mental Edge Muscle Building Program which covers all of the physical aspects of gaining muscle and all of the mental aspects as well. This program will really kick your body and mind into muscle building gear.

So, how can you control and automatic process like breathing?

How you control something like breathing? How do you control something that is automatic?

1. You learned how to do it, and 2. You practiced and trained yourself

Obviously, you can change your breathing rate by thinking about it, you have trained yourself to be able to do it. You can also learn and train yourself to grow muscle. It takes more practice and training, but it can happen. The first thing you have to do is learn how to do it.

You need to start training smarter not harder. You don't gain muscle by accident, it all starts with a thought.