Major Facts About Senior Vitamins Are Now Revealed

One of the hottest topics right now in the nutritional market is senior vitamins and will remain to be as long as the population gets older. Like many other Americans, older adults are also known to have inadequate vitamins and minerals in their respective intakes. In fact, statistics shows that 9 out of 10 Americans does not meet daily nutritional needs due to inadequate consumption of natural food products. Such is also the case in seniors, only with the addition of the effects of ageing, it is a good thing that Shaklee whole food Vitalizer Gold has come to answer such cases.

A new addition to the senior vitamin market, Vitalizer Gold comes as a scientifically formulated and high quality senior vitamin only made from whole food concentrates. Take note that Shaklee Vitalizer has been proven in 12 different clinical studies to give nutrients from a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals, plus, it also gives in addition phytonutrients, which is important in senior vitamins. Vitalizer Gold is the only the senior vitamin made from whole food concentrates. Whole food concentrates actually gives you vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that maintains natural synergistic balance to ensure the optimum utilization of nutrients are realized without it being lost from heat and chemical processes.

By using Vitalizers Gold, seniors can enjoy Vitalizer Gold's 26 antioxidant nutrients, in addition with them receiving the most complete nutritional support from 80 different kinds of optimized nutrients. Antioxidants help you in combating the effects of ageing. Plus, antioxidants also help in the prevention of cardiac diseases such as atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and thromobophlebitis due to the fact that it helps prevent plaques from forming in your nervous system. All known 7 Omega-3 fatty acids, including the potent DHE and EPA forms, are all provided by Vitalizer Gold, helping you to promote healthy cholesterols and brain protection, which is why it is the most complete senior vitamin supplement for you.

Vitalizer Gold also gives you a complete spectrum of alkaloids and phytonutrients, including lignans, lycopene and carotenoids, which is important in preventing the bad effects of ageing, in addition to probiotics that helps in a healthier digestive system. Also, Vitalizer Gold is known to have ingredients that actually help in the prevention of DNA degradation, which also prevents you from contracting cancers such as breast, colon and prostate cancer and also helps in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and osteoarthritis, making it an important kind of senior vitamin provider.

Shaklee is the most complete senior vitamin supplement, giving you vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals that act harmoniously. Plus, due to the Shaklee Micronutrient Advanced Release Technology (SMART) delivery system, you are ensured that every nutrient is absorbed in the right parts of your digestive tract.

Shaklee is convinced that every consumer would surely be satisfied by using Vitalizer Gold, with Shaklee offering 100% no questions asked money back guarantee to every consumer who has proven not to be satisfied in this kind of senior vitamin.