Forget Aerosols Try Adsorbents

You have probably tried it all; Lysol, Febreeze, Plug-in deodorizers, you have probably gone through the cleaning aisle without any luck finding a new cleaning product that gets rid of the awful smells that sometimes show up in your house. From the lingering odors of fried foods to the overwhelming scent of your son's football padding zeolite can get the job done. Zeolites are a newfound mineral that can eat odors and bad smelling things. The small minerals usually come in a rock shaped substance but researchers have now found a way to combine it with some aerosol cleaning sprays.

Some cleaning products that spray in the air are not very helpful. Lysol, for example is only helpful in a small area like a small bathroom area. The fresh smelling scent of an aerosol spray only covers bad odors and sort of masks the air without really resolving odors from within the air. Febreeze is a similar type of spray except it was originally created for fabrics. Sometimes bad smelling odors tend to stick with fabrics that are in the room. So, Febreeze does what Lysol does to the air except for cloths. The Febreeze sits in the fabric and absorbs bad smells, leaving a fresh smelling fabric.

Another form of room fresheners that people tend to use are plug-in air fresheners. These are equipped with scented oils that are leaked out into the area to make the overall room smell better. The only problem with these is that they are usually not strong enough to mask some smells like kitchen or bathroom odors. Some of them are built with small fans that shoot out a little at a time but it honestly just depends on how big or small the room is that the freshener is working in.

Sometimes you can find special spraying deodorizers that hook up to a high wall in your home and work on a timer. These fresheners work well in a small room but do not always get rid of bad smells. They are pretty successful at masking the smells, but again, they do not neutralize the odors completely. If you are looking to completely rid your house of certain odors, try to find an adsorbent that will soak up all of the bad odors that you can fill the air with nice smells. You can also air out your house by opening doors and windows and letting some new clean air run through your home.

Cleaning gross smelling air can be a difficult task but it is very easy to change the smell of a room by correctly airing it out. The best way to clean up the air is to use a proper adsorbent that will get the job for you. Simple masking aerosols may work for a small space but they cannot clean the odor out of a large house. If none of these options work for you then you may want to air out your home and get it professionally cleaned. After this getting the air vents cleaned out would probably be a smart idea as well.