Combat Osteoarthritis With Omega 3 Oil

The pain of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases can be severe " but the nutritional supplement Omega Daily lets your body fight back against arthritis, giving you relief from the pain and stiffness. This supplement contains the recommended daily allowance of the essential fatty acid Omega-3 which lets you live your life without the pain and stiffness of arthritis!

Osteoarthritis can be unbelievably painful. Your joints are normally protected by a layer of cartilage " but arthritis happens when this cartilage breaks down, causing inflammation and pain. Arthritis can happen in any of your joints, meaning that it can strike anywhere! There are millions of people in the US alone who cope with this pain, which can make your life miserable, since it makes even routine daily tasks a painful ordeal. Doctors usually recommend heat, cold and regular low-impact exercise to alleviate arthritis pain; however, a lot of these physicians dont know about the benefitsOmega-3 fatty acids have to provide to arthritis sufferers. Many of their patients could already be living pain free with Omega-3 supplements!

When someone without arthritis experiences joint pain, then their body starts producing compounds which naturally relieve pain by reducing the inflammation. However, in people with arthritis, these compounds are not produced " so there is even more inflammation and pain. With Omega-3 supplements, your body can once again start producing these natural counter-agents and fighting off arthritis pain.

You can work to prevent osteoarthritis by getting regular exercise (low impact exercise is best) and making sure that you eat a diet which gives you all of the essential nutrients you need. Of course, one of the most important nutrients for preventing arthritis is Omega-3; according to the American Heart Association, Omega-3 also lowers cholesterol levels, keeping your cardiovascular system healthier as well. Other health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids include alleviating menstrual pain, assisting in the healing of burns and cuts, improved respiratory health and according to some studies, Omega-3 may even benefit your mental health! There are plenty of great reasons to get your Omega-3 and new health benefits are discovered all the time.

One of the best dietary sources of Omega-3 is seafood. But hardly any of us in the US get nearly enough of this important nutrient from our diet. This means that supplements like Omega Daily are vital to protecting your health and preventing arthritis. Omega Daily gives you your daily allowance of Omega-3 fatty acids, derived from all-natural green lipped mussels. Omega Daily is formulated to meet your daily requirement of Omega-3 and will not cause any side effects or interfere with any medications you are currently taking. Ask your doctor about the health benefits of Omega-3 and order your Omega Daily now!