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Using bioidentical hormones from In today's fast paced society, there are many professionals who are under a great deal of stress and it's quite difficult for these professionals to be able to stay healthy. There are so many responsibilities and duties that must be met and caring for ourselves can seem almost impossible sometimes.

Unfortunately, most of us only go to the doctor when something very bad occurs or if it's time for that annual check up session. This is why many people find out about a major problem when it's too late to fix it and why too many people are leading lives that create the most unhealthiest state of being.

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There are some tests, such as CT scans, that could be used to provide in depth testing of patients so as to identify big problems before these problems can manifest in major illness. Unfortunately, insurance companies keep doctors from using these tests on a regular basis in order to keep their own costs from going too high.

Over at Executive Medicine of Texas, in depth and preemptive medical services are being offered by Dr. Walter Gaman and Dr. Mark Anderson. They have written a book called Stay Young in an effort to get the word out about how important it is to be proactive with your health even as you try to balance it with your work and regular life.

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Inside their book, the doctors outline ten steps you can take so that even as you get older, you can still live out a ton of responsibilities and a heavy workload while staying healthy. Heavy importance is laid on the fact that you must be proactive with your health as you take care to remove any threats that come into being and identify health issues before they get serious.

It does not require a ton of cash to implement the tips and strategies that are offered up in this book as you eventually start experiencing better health and energy levels. You will discover how to live longer and healthier, not through "fad" advice, but through tried and true medical tactics.