Best Acne Product – Help For Acne

The best acne product should current breakouts, help heal the skin and prevent future breakouts. One of the most common problems with acne antibioticis is that while it kills the bacteria that cause acne breakouts, it does not teats the symptoms or underlying causes of acne.

This means the person suffering from acne must stay on this medication all their lives for clear skin. And that can cause some pretty nasty side effects including:

- Skin rashes
- Sunlight sensitivity
- An overgrowth of yeast (thrush).

In addition, women who may become pregnant, are pregnant, or breast feeding should not use acne antibiotics - like tetracycline. Therefore most doctors will prescribe a less toxic oral acne medication like erythromycin, but the results are not as successful. So neither choice is the "best acne medicine."

For over 25 years, we at Wrinkle Free Skin Tips have been researching methods and products for great healthy, clear and wrinkle free skin. We have found one that uses herbs and Chinese medicine to heal acne and happens to be great for skin anti-aging too. This is a plus for people over 35 who also still suffer from acne.

Acne can negatively affect a person's self esteem causing depression and isolation. Finding a natural acne medicine is essential not only for clear healthy skin, but for the person's self esteem and mental well being too.

While you may have tried the typical over-the-counter, drug store type of acne treatments, these products are not potent enough for severe or stubborn acne, and are often to drying and damaging to the skin of older people.

Based on what we know about acne and after evaluating several acne medicine reviews -- we found a simple 3 step process that contains proven and powerful adult acne medication along with a balance of Western and Chinese herbal medicine for acne treatment. This 3 step system will accomplish the following:

Cleanse the skin - You need to be careful not to over dry it the skin when cleaning it. You acne cleanser should clear pores, but not strip the oil.

Reduce The Bacteria - Again, it's important to reduce acne and pus causing bacteria, while maintaining the skins natural moisture and pH balance.

Heal From Within - Unhealthy skin usually starts from within. That's why for complete success it is important to begin skin healing the inside by taking a healing herbal supplement to cleanse the body and regulate imbalanced hormones, and balance the pH factor of your skin.

Please visit: Best Acne Medication for more information on this 3 step process.