Antioxidants- How To Fight With The Free Radicals

As far as the Mother Nature is concerned, it has certainly gifted the man kind with some of the very good products. The plants are there for producing the food. Some of the foods are rich in antioxidants. You will soon realize that the antioxidants are the greatest gift which the Mother Nature has given to us. The antioxidants provide us with so many varieties that you will be quite mesmerized by this fact.

The free radicals are quite harmful for the human body. They damage the cells in a very serious manner. It might also be the reason for the cancer as well. Hence, you will realize that the free radicals should be removed from the body. But the question arises that how we are going to do this. Lemon is one of the best medicines for acidity. We all know that the acidity is caused due to the free radicals.

But do you know that the lemon is a kind of antioxidant. You will certainly be quite thrilled to know that the lemon is indeed a kind of antioxidants. The Mother Nature provides various food items that acts as an antioxidants. The scientists now feel that they can do wonders with the help of these food items. They also feel that they can even cure the cancer with the help of these products. For example these free radicals certainly damage the cells. On most of the occasions they are the main reasons for the uncontrolled cell divisions. This is certainly a very important observation.

The scientists have developed the theory and they are now of firm belief that the free radicals are very harmful for the body. We can fight with these free radicals with the help of these products only. There is much type of food items that work as antioxidants. Pineapple, cranberries, sour cherries, mangosteen, and many other fruits are jam-packed full of antioxidant.

You will have to find out that how the free radicals are formed. As far as the free radicals are concerned, they are formed by the pollutants. Generally when the pollutants enter the human body then they start to react with the oxygen. In fact when this oxygen comes in contact with the pollutants then the free radicals are formed.

They are very dangerous as we have already discussed. I have also mentioned that what food items you will have to take in order to fight with the free radicals. So follow these tips and you will be safe from the free radicals.