Acai Berry – Wellbeing And Happiness Place In A Bottle!

Deep in the Amazon, a word that stand for greatness and strength over 1.2 billion acres the equal of 2.5 million square miles of rain forest, where there is no time, no technology, and no boundary to the mysteries that can be unlocked. A natural system protecting the earth's greatest biological treasures where more than half of the world's ten million species, animal, and insects live and hide; Here nature is at its most powerful and its most generous.

Rain forests have changed over millions of years to turn into the incredibly intricate environments they are today. A finite store of living and breathing renewable natural wealth, that for eons have contributed a lot of resources for the survival and well being of human kind.

Evergreen as far as the eyes can see, at least three thousand edible fruits are hidden in the Amazon, of these over two thousand are used by the inhabitants. And only two hundred of them are used in the Western World.

The natural therapeutic properties of these treasures in the Amazon have not gone unnoticed by the scientific world. The U.S. National Cancer Institute has reported that 70% of the three thousand plant life that are known to be highly effective against cancer cells and are found in the rain forest.

The Acai Berry; Strength, energy, and richness similar to the rain forest it comes from. A deep dense color that reflects no light have been collected for centuries from the 25ft Acai palm where they dangle from branches in clusters. Only lately discovered by the Brazilian elite and North Americans, the Acai berry is making headlines.

The Acai berry may be the most powerful of all forgotten fruits, those unprocessed whole fruits that are little known or consumed. But even though the perfect Acai berry could stand alone as a daily supplement; what if other rare fruits were combined with the power of the Acai to produce perhaps the most effective phytonutrient existing today, does the perfect fruit blend exist with the potent Acai as its crown jewel?