Acai Berry – The Real Deal in Weight Loss Superfoods

In relatively recent years keen weight loss enthusiasts may remember the excitement caused by the arrival of the hoodia slimming supplements. Although the supplements have been shown to be effective and still prove popular, they are no longer the 'must have' supplement. It would appear that the acai berry has now taken on that mantle. The question is - is it here to stay?

Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) Berry is a fruit found in palm trees growing in the rain forests of Brazil. Most of the fruit is actually inedible but the skin is where all of the nourishment is found. Natives of the rain forest have been consuming the skin in the form of puree and sauces for centuries, with the full extent of the numerous health benefits only coming to light recently.

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt have recently hailed the effectiveness of the acai berry, giving it lightening fast global recognition. With such high profile endorsements it is none the wonder that acai has become so popular so fast. Weight loss is after-all one of the biggest industries going. But to merely right off the acai berry as a simple weight loss supplement is to ignore some of its best features.

So where do we start? Well why not first look at why exactly Acai Berry might help you lose weight. Weight loss isnt rocket science " the inputs and the outputs are quite straight forward. Consume less fattening energy and process it faster. Its just the application of these that causes the problem. Acai Berry helps with this on several fronts, acting as an appetite suppressant to reduce intake and boosting body metabolism to enhance processing. Admittedly these processes are the cornerstone of any effective weight loss supplement, and are nothing new to the weight loss world. Its just the acai does it a bit better than most and comes with many other health extras that make it special.

If you could be someone who would appreciate a boost of energy through your day then you're in luck - acai berry can provide. Not only that but it is thought to help you sleep better too. What more could anyone ask for than to operate at full energy bursting capacity through the day and then sleep great each night. Having a good source of natural and healthy energy is also important for dieting, providing a win win situation all round.

Probably one of the most important benefits of acai is its anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants help to remove waste and toxins which we accumulate in our body. By doing this they allow our body's organs to function better and also improve immune systems. The net effect of this is we get ill less and recover faster when we do - as our body is more efficient in recognising and dealing with threats. So not only can acai berry help you look great, it can also help you feel great too.

Delivering so much, is it any wonder that the acai berry has found itself labelled the number one super food? With a potent delivery of essential oils, fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins acai berry has become one of the most sought after health foods and supplements around. It truly is a remarkable resource, with seemingly no end to the health miracles which it can provide. And the most important point of it all for you slimmers out there " acai berry seems to be the real deal when it comes to weight loss.