Acai Berry Juice – What Is In It For You

Most people have heard of acai berry juice by now. Some are even wondering what all the hype is about. Acai berry juice has recently gone mainstream and is found in many products.

Acai berries harvested off the acai palm are found in the Amazon River region around Brazil. Brazilians are accustomed with acai bowls and the used or acai berry juice in beverages. Most people think the flavor is very similar to blueberries with a touch of chocolate and may find it a bit tart if not sweetened.

When shopping around you may find acai berry juice mixed in with many other products or blended with other juices. You will find that acai is not cheap and this is the main reason it is often mixed with other juices. One may claim that these other juices are beneficial but most people can make their own juice mixes or blends.

You can mix acai berry juice with blueberry, pomegranate or grape juice and experiment with many others. Acai makes great smoothies and makes yogurt taste even better. Acai just blends well with so many juices and is easy to do.

You should look for 100% organic and pure kosher acai berry juice. If you do not see it on the label you may not be getting what you want. Do your research check out the label or email the manufacturer.

Do you know what is in your acai berry juice? You should find essential fatty acids, fiber and protein. Acai contains many similar properties of other juices. Acai is a very good source of antioxidants and sport trainers are very aware of this and often drink it as an energy drink.

Acai is often touted as a weight loss product but may not be your best choice. If you do choose to add acai berry juice into a weight loss exercise routine consider it more of a beneficial supplement. You owe it to yourself to have the best available fruit juices in your diet.