Acai Berry Benefits

There is a hot new food on the health food market, the Acai berry. It's not technically a new food since it's been used by natives of the Amazon rain forests for centuries. But it is new to the 'civilized world. In many of these countries, Acai berries, in one form or another, make up approximately forty two percent of their diet, and these people hardly ever suffer the illnesses that effect the rest of us. This article will break down the Acai berry benefits and give you some hints as to how to add it to your diet.

Acai is touted as one of the top ten super foods known today. So what are some of Acai berry benefits? First is has approximately ten time the antioxidants of grapes and two times that of blueberries. This makes it exceedingly effective as supplement for those that struggle with anti-inflammatory issues or issues of the cardiovascular system.

Another Acai berry benefits is its high concentration of iron and soluble fiber, making it a great supplement for those with digestive related illnesses. This berry is also great for those who struggle with cholesterol issues. The Acai berry is rich in a substance known as antocianine, which assists in combating bad cholesterol, as well as free radicals.

There are still other Acai berry benefits. Those who regularly incorporate it into their diets will find it supports a healthy immune system. It also helps to increase stamina, energy and even affects the libido. It's useful to encourage mental focus, as well as improve sleep patterns. It can also help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy. It's no wonder this little purple fruit made the top ten list.

It's possible to use the Acai berry in many forms. It can be found in many commercial products, such as ice cream, energy drinks, protein bars and juice. You can purchase it as a juice or as a powder. If you search the Internet you can find sources that will sell you the frozen pulp, making it possible to make your own juice and smoothies. Strangely enough, the only way you can't use it, is straight from the tree. The fruit is harvested and then the pulp must be extracted and processed before its ready to be used in food. Where ever you decide to buy your Acai, be certain it comes from a well known dealer that offers an organic source. This will help make sure you get the full benefit of this powerful little fruit.