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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Environmental Illness
Environmental Sensitivity Disorder
Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorder
MCS is characterized by recurrent symptoms, referable to multiple organ systems, occurring in response to low level exposure to many chemicals. . .

The Chemical Injury Relief Foundation (CIRF) produced the Web Environmental Lifeskills Library (WELL) as part of Sunnybrook & Women’s College Campus, Environmental Health Clinic Community Development Grant program.

CIRF-WELL Project Final Report - pdf

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The first phase of this library's development is to identify and post links to work accessible on the internet. There will be some duplication of links as the visitor browses through the work because some sites will also link to the same places as this site, just like any library will have books in common on the shelves with other libraries.

The second phase of this library's development is to further subdivide the pages or sections of special interest into two categories, research works and general help. Research works will include academic papers and studies. The general help sections are important resources based on personal experiences and ideas but, as the front page disclaimer clearly states,

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The CIRF/WELL relies on input from its visitors to enrich the site content and make it a useful resource for lifeskills that include and do not exclude all persons who seek measures of prevention and or healing. So please post your work or findings here for the maximum benefit for all concerned.

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