.Environmental control

  Passive control includes measures like site and material selection. Active control measures includes using machines like HVAC and air cleaners. Regardless of how health or physical condition may be characterized, any measures used to improve the quality of life, reduce health care costs, and relieve ecological stressors, is helpful.

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  • Impact discusses rationale of moving towards better and sustainable control.
  • PEC Protocol is designed to develop simple tests for making decisions.
  • Economic/ecologic relations explains how economics and ecology can be connected instead of separated, to help understand cost effective sustainable development.
  • Location discusses tests for indoor and outdoor options.
  • Research papers on chemical injury, eco/eco relations, and other related subjects are available for download.
  • Resources are www links to more information.
  • Suppliers are www links to online material sources.
  • Funding ideas are offered to help promote this work.