Chemical Injury Relief Foundation

  The Chemical Injury Relief Foundation (CIRF) is a non-profit organization but not a government organization. CIRF promotes ability with consideration of limitatations. CIRF works to help chemically injured and environmentally sensitive people help themselves. CIRF researches and publishes information about illness management and prevention through choices of alternative healthy lifestyle. The information produced and delivered is for everyone, regardless of their state of health, to improve the quality of life in more economical ways.

Personal Environmental Control (PEC) is presented to help ordinary people prepare for change in their life. Readers are encouraged to learn how to recognize chemical injury, what is enough, and choose what will help construct a healthier lifestyle.

Brief History

The Chemical Injury Relief Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization in June 1996, in Toronto, Ontario, by Brian Hack who met with chemically injured persons in response to the following public health conditions:

  • A growing public health risk;
  • Lack of appropriate recognition, treatment and control;
  • Public funds spent to withhold help with a result of increased non productive expense, public health risk, and discrimination;
  • The technology and knowledge available to relieve many problems.

A number of chemically injured and disabled persons met for more than one year to identify and discuss the special needs, problems, and solutions to determine what can be done and who can do it. CIRF is a product of that discussion. It is an organization dedicated to a wholistic approach to prevention and appropriate accommodation of persons handicapped by chemical injury. It was determined that by using available technology and knowledge, affordable accommodation designed to provide appropriate avoidance control would meet many special needs of treatment, provide a point of reference for measuring both illness control and prevention, and by this limit public liability and reduce public health risk through the implementation.

Today CIRF is accessed through this web site.

The Founder

Brian Hack is currently attending the University of Waterloo working towards a degree in the Faculty of Environmental Studies by distance education.

CIRF was established by Brian Hack to help the chemically injured educate themselves and others by applying PEC.

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